FantasyCon 2018. Sat/Sun. Hanging together.

As a novice to the convention circuit, you study the schedule, make careful plans as to what panels and events you most want to attend, and then you spend all your time dashing around, assiduously writing notes, sweating, and occasionally weeping in the corner. It’s damned hard work. You wonder why people do this to …

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Malcolm Devlin

You will grow into them - by Malcolm Devlin - available on Amazon

You Will Grow Into Them Role: Line edit Written by: Malcolm Devlin Published by: Unsung Stories Purchase at: Unsung Stories or Amazon The world is a far stranger place than we give it credit for. There, in the things we think familiar, safe, are certain aspects. Our fears and desires given form. Moments that defy explanation. Shadows in our home. …

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