A Warning…

A Warning About Your Future Enslavement That You Will Dismiss as a Collection of Short Fiction and Essays by Kit Power

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Written by:  Kit Power
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Kit Power did not write this book. Sure, the stories and essays are his – 21 pieces culled from the very best of his fiction and nonfiction work of the last four years, including previously unpublished work – but as to the rest… Kit Power has no idea who (or what) K-POX is. Or The Ministry of Information, come to that. He doesn’t know what The Information War is/was, or when it is supposed to have happened. He has no idea at all why a book that appears to have been sent from the future is so insistent that his stories hold the key to recovering the history of that time. Kit suspects it may all just be an elaborate prank of some kind. Still, it probably wouldn’t do any harm to read it. Just in case…

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