The Bookcase

Thana Niveau
The House of Frozen Screams
High Cross by Paul Melhuish - book cover
High Cross
You will grow into them - by Malcolm Devlin - available on Amazon
The Veil by Joseph D'Lacey - available on Amazon
Joseph D. Lacey
A Warning - by Kit Power - available from Amazon
The Rot by Paul Kane available from Amazon
Paul Kane
This Twisted Earth - a collection of short stories - available from Amazon bookstore
Six Minutes To Midnight
Sunny With A Chance of Zombies - order now from Amazon
KnightWatch Press


Hi Dion,

I’ve had some fun putting this together and whilst I know of ways that would possibly be even better, the alternative methods would involve costs. So, here is my free courtesy version that is not exactly like a bookcase (that’s probably better achieved with more graphic artistry and I’m sadly lacking time for that within this brief) but, I hope you’ll agree, it hints enough at being a collection of books on a shelf and is a good representation of your completed works. It might even engage a site visitor.

Incidentally, each ‘book cover’ can be ‘clicked’ to take the reader anywhere you like – at the moment they link to my website but each can link to their individual, dedicated summary page or to a sales page, or to your ‘Let’s Do This’ area; Anywhere.

By adding the key names to the ‘spine’ of each cover displayed on the shelf, I propose to capitalise on the vanity value of human nature and think that maybe, if you like and share this with anyone – especially those who are mentioned – they will feel compelled to share and maybe you’ll reach some potential clients 😉

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